Welcome from Pauliina

My name is Pauliina. I am a British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist working in private practice in South West London.

In therapy I offer you a safe and compassionate space to talk about your difficulties. Together we can identify the issues that have become problematic for you and think about how they are impacting upon your life and well-being. We can consider how you currently cope, working through what is and what might not be so helpful. We will explore your strengths and new ways of doing things, enabling you to cope effectively.

Therapy is for anyone going through difficult times, whether this is due to problems in relationships, stresses at work, the death of someone close to you, or struggles with health or perhaps feeling sad and anxious and not really knowing why this might be.

Many clients share that they find counselling a safe, judgment-free place where they can share, and experience relief, from issues they have been stuck in for years. It is a privilege for me to be a part of each person’s unique healing process.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


If you’re looking for counselling, you may be experiencing:

  • Persisting overwhelming emotions
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Relationship difficulties or repetitive cycles of conflict
  • Anxiety, stress, or fear that’s holding you back in life
  • Chronic pain, behaviours, or emotions that aren’t getting better
  • Burnout and exhaustion

If you can relate to any of these, I am glad that you’ve reached out for help. I wish to help you in building resilience and ability to move forward from your problems, and experience change.

In therapy we will work towards:

  • Easing overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and pain
  • Improving your nervous system’s ability to handle life’s challenges
  • Calming your body and mind
  • Creating new meaning and growth
  • Improving your relationships with others
  • Processing through painful or traumatic life experiences in a safe and considerate manner 


Call 07590548842 or email pauliina@pauliinapohjonen.com and ask for a free 15-minute phone consultation