cropped-806822594-e15288358062431.jpgPeople seek out help and come to therapy for a variety of different reasons. Usually though people seek professional support when any experience brings up thoughts, emotions and memories that are difficult to cope with and understand.  Experiences that can evoke intense thoughts, emotions and memories include:

  • Bereavement,
  • The end of an important relationship;
  • Chronic illness;
  • A traumatic experience;
  • Starting a new family;
  • Significant changes at work; and
  • The repetition of self-defeating behaviour patterns.

These experiences could be recent, or they could have happened a long time ago.

Some people report that they have the feeling they can never really be themselves.  If this sounds like you, you may have the sense that the real-you is never truly seen and experienced by others. These types of experiences can leave you feeling very alone and insignificant.  Alternatively, you may appear very confident and strong on the surface but inside you feel small and lost.

Symptoms such as anxiety, low-mood, depression, post-trauma-stress, sleeping difficulties and even physical health problems are common when negotiating difficult and far-reaching events.  Even though these experiences are common, people often feel the need to hide from others creating a profound and deep sense of loneliness. This is where psychotherapy can be helpful.  The therapy space is an environment where you can be honest about who you really are, allowing you the time to discuss and work out your most challenging thoughts, feelings and memories in a presence of a professional, experienced and compassionate therapist.

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